Monday, June 28, 2010

Hello Blazerians!!!

Hope you all have learnt something new during today's (or rather ytd's) workshop!
See hoe strong others are? you guys can be that strong as well if you all work harder, put in more effort and be more committed!!! JIAYOU BLAZERS!!!

For those who have failed to do some of the stunts taught to you guys, i just want to let you guys know that...

Do not view failure as a stepping stone. View it as a chance for you to improve. Even if you failed to achieve your goals and expectations, take it as a chance to allow yourself to improve! From every failure we have, we'd definitely learn something, something new and it'll be something that makes us grow even stronger!!!

I do not know when i will see you guys again. But i'll see you guys when i see you guys!

Hopefully when i see you guys again, i am able to see a full squad toetouch!

First post stolen!

(3 July 2010) Hehehehe. Heya people, your captain FIONA (Fee/Fifi/Nana) here! I know GF posted first but I'm gonna steal the spot. :P

Well anyway... we have progressed to elevator already but this week, we went back to basics! I can see that you people have improved a lot because our basics revision is taking lesser time as compared to before. :D Good job!! And continue working hard! :DDDD

Another thing, I think some of you are feeling the "obligation" to go for trainings already. You'll probably think that we (the seniors) don't know what you are going through now. But it might have slipped your mind that we were once juniors, one or two years ago (omg, I'm olddddd! )': ).

These might be some of the couple of thoughts that most probably went through your mind before:
1) I hate being scolded. I want to quit.
2) Why am I even in the team?
3) What for come training just to get scolded? You don't owe the seniors anything.
and more...

BUT! Guess what, we (the seniors) have been there, done that and yet, we are still in the team. We love Blazers. Blazers is our second family. Cheerleading is about commitment and teamwork (as repeated tons of times that it's getting sickening but it's DAMN true). If you ever had those thoughts listed above and you are still in the team, good for you! I'm proud of you, really. :)

Another issue related to that is probably appreciation. You might expect people to verbally appreciate you for coming to trainings, but that's not the case. Sure, we do appreciate you for coming. However, we seldom hang "thank you(s)" by our mouth. People will naturally appreciate you by making time down for training. We just don't say it out often.

And, it might be because I'm the captain so some of you think that I'm scary and fierce and hostile (and the list goes on...) so you guys (the juniors) avoid talking to me but I really really hope to know all of you better. If you have any problems, be it cheer-related or whatever else it is, do know that I'm here for all of you and would like to help as much as possible.

Captains are sometimes lonely because people avoid them due to the rank and authority, but I don't wish for a lonely final year in Blazers. :( Helppp?

I hope everyone of you will stay throughout, not because I need the numbers to be kept up, but because I love you guys so much. :)

See you guys next training!